In 1538 the fief of Campli was ceded by Charles V to his daughter Margarita of Austria, who took it as a dowry to her second husband Ottavio Farnese, Duke of Parma and Piacenza.
The Farnese held the city until 1734, when it was incorporated into the royal domain. It was under the rule Of '' Madama '' Margarita (the Duchess of Florence and Parma) that the ancient "Campulum '' Today Campli reached the peak of economic, artistic, cultural and demographic.
The City of Campli is situated on a hill between the valleys of the rivers Fiumicino and Siccagno just 20 minutes from the sea and at the foot of the Monti Gemelli belonging to the Monti della Laga
A strategic position to reach the sea and the mountains, then in a few minutes, but first it must immerse yourself in the history and in the inner works of art. The City of Farnese that also keeps a real "treasure chest" is a charming art city where history and culture, tradition and religious cult, blend together creating a unique mix of a kind.
The Scala Santa (privilege assigned to it by Pope Clement XIV in 1972) is Jubilee destination, consists of twenty-eight wooden steps to climb to his knees and bowed head (women with head coverings), praying and asking forgiveness of their sins but the rewards for the faithful I have absolution from their sins and the Plenary Indulgence with the same value as that obtained by praying on the more famous Holy Stairs in Rome and Jerusalem.
Parliament building said "Palazzo Farnese" (now Town Hall) is the oldest town hall in Abruzzo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Platea rich in frescoes Giottesque has within it a wonderful fifteenth-century crypt and a bell tower 42 meters high.
The Church of San Francesco, the National Archaeological Museum, Porta Angioina, the Necropolis of Campovalano, the House of the Doctor and the pharmacist and more.
The ancient village of Campli also boasts excellent food and wine of which great importance has the traditional '' Festival of the Italian porchetta '' was born in 1964, it is the oldest of Abruzzo, which takes place every year in the second fortnight of August famous throughout the world is home to thousands of visitors to the event. Campli is also characterized by an age-old passion for basketball. in order to best describe the context in which we invite you to see this movie


In addition to internal beauty, the City of Campli offers fascinating tourist itineraries in the area.
Margarita of Austria suggests only some of the many interesting places to visit such as:


Fortezza di Civitella Del Tronto

Gole del Salinello (Civitella Del Tronto)

Castel Manfrino ( Valle Castellana)

Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga

Duomo Santa Maria Assunta e San Berardo, Villa Comunale (Teramo)

Santuario Di San Gabriele Dell’Addolorata ( Isola del Gran Sasso)

Prati di Tivo località sciistica del Gran Sasso

Museo delle ceramiche  (Castelli)

Porto di Giulianova e Santuario della madonna dello Splendore ( Giulianova)

Osservatorio Astronomico Colle Leone (Mosciano Sant'Angelo)

Cantine  dei paesi della Val Vibrata

Torre di Cerrano (Pineto)

Cattedrale Basilica  S. Maria Assunta (Atri)