Who was Margaret of Austria (Margarita as he liked to sign himself)? What to do with Campli?
It 'a name chosen at random? A name for effect? A Campli is all "Farnese" not Austrian ... so?
Our choice is not random but strongly supported and dedicated ... if you have the patience to read will find a secure fashion figure.
He was the illegitimate daughter of Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, King of Italy and Archduke of Austria. He was born in Oudenaarde, Flanders, 28 December 1522. In 1533 and after being recognized as a natural daughter had a dowry from his father the fiefs of Penne, Campli, Leonessa, Montereale Cittaducale and in view of his marriage to Alessandro de 'Medici, Duke of Florence, on the grounds of alliances between dynasties.
Following the assassination of her husband in 1537, Margherita, sixteen, was united in marriage the following year to fifteen OTTAVIO FARNESE, nephew of Pope Paul III. Margarita or Madama Margarita How adored being called... chose a black dress for her wedding as a sign of rejection and protest for their compulsion but justified as compared to her widowhood. Our sign represents the very day of her marriage to Ottavio Farnese, in her wedding dress ... BLACK. Despite initial opposition to the marriage and its supposed preference for women (rumors ... because not consummated the marriage for a long time) the girl gave him two heirs to Farnese: Charles and Alexander, and in 1547 supported him in reconquest of the Duchy of Parma against the pope and the same Charles V, his eldest son Charles, however, died at the age of 4 years.
With his father's death in 1558 and the accession to the throne of Philip II, Margaret was appointed governor of the Netherlands in 1559, where he stayed until 1568, before returning to Italy in his feuds Abruzzo who administered wisely until his death. Under his Campli domain experienced its greatest artistic splendor economic cultural and demographic. He died at the age of 64 years, in Ortona was governor of L'Aquila from 1572, with residence in the majestic Palazzo Margherita. Even in Penne is an elegant building dedicated to Margaret of Austria, while in Ortona and Campli there are majestic buildings linked to the name of her husband Ottavio Farnese (FARNESE PALACE houses the TOWN HALL), who died the same year of his wife. The most important woman in the history Camplese bears the name of MARGARITA OF AUSTRIA.